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Len Kelley
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Upgrade & Update Your Home to Sell


Florida Propertunities Building Corp’s "Update & Upgrade Program"

In many cases, the sale of your home may be hindered by out dated features that show age, and wear from many years of use. This is where our sister company, Florida Propertunities Building Corporation can help. When a home owner has ample equity in their home and wants to sell, but improvements need to be made to achieve the highest sales price, Florida Propertunities Inc will help coordinate with its financial partners, to fund those improvements, if the home owner does not have the cash to do so.

As a Licensed Class A, General Contractor I can hire properly licensed and insured local contractors to perform the work and then supervise them to assure all suppliers and vendors are fully paid and no mechanics lien will be placed on your property, thus again hindering a sale. Why go it alone, you are a one-time customer therefor not able to get the prices I can. Whether the needed improvement be paint, a new air conditioning system or a new roof, Florida Propertunities Building Corporation can hire the right local contractors to perform the work. Many repairs can be made by our own staff at very competitive prices.

Ask us to stop by and check out your home to see if you qualify for this program.  If your home qualifies for the Update & Upgrade Program, we will provide you with a written estimate, showing you just what we think should be done for the best results, and what that would cost. And if financing is needed we will help coordinate with local lending sources.